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At the Abbotsford School District, every effort is made to ensure that students are provided with safe, efficient and reliable transportation. Transportation is available to students who meet the eligibility requirements listed in AP 307 - Transportation of Students To and From School.

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Please allow 7 - 10 business days for our office to process your bus request. Once our office has processed your request, you will receive an email from our department with your students bus information.

Registration Process

Please understand registering your student does not reserve a seat for your student on the bus, rather provides the transportation department information to determine the service level requirements.  Students who qualify for busing for school year 2022-23 will receive their busing information via email about a week prior to school start-up.  Students who do not qualify for busing will be notified immediately via email.

Families will be able to pay transportation fees online, beginning at the end of August. If you have not already done so, you may register for online payments through your school website or at All discussions regarding busing fees should be directed to the Abbotsford School District's Finance Department at 604-859-4891 or by email .

Online School Bus Registration

Registration for the 2022-2023 school year is now open.


The District cannot guarantee late registrants will be approved. To help in our planning and creation of bus routes, registrations must be submitted by August 7th, 2022.  Any registrations received after this date will not be processed until October 2022.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please email:    

School Bus Fees

Current School Bus Fees

  1. Students bused to in catchment schools and who live inside walk limit: $420 per student per year or $630 per family per year.
  2. Students attending district programs and cross boundary students: $630 per student per year or $840 per family per year.
  3. Students living outside the walk limits of their catchment school pay no fees.

If you no longer require the school bus service, please contact Transportation by email to cancel. Otherwise, payment will be expected. 
The Transportation Department does not take cancellations over the phone.


Transportation of Students To and From School

The purpose of this procedure is to define the circumstances and conditions under which transportation to and from school will be provided for Abbotsford School District students and to outline the special circumstances where the district will provide parents or other providers with financial assistance for transportation costs for students. This section sets walk limits for catchment and out of catchment students, and provides guidelines for student conduct, supervision, and discipline. 


Catchments & School Locator

How to I find my catchment area?

Please note: this information is provided as a tool to assist in determining attendance areas. It is recommended that the school catchment maps and school locator be used together to confirm a school boundary. If you have any questions after consulting the information via this website, including whether your home falls within a school catchment, please contact the District office at (604) 859-4891.

School Bus Code of Conduct

By adhering to the following rules, students will ensure maximum safety for themselves, their bus driver, and other drivers. 


  • Sit in the seat assigned to you during the entire trip unless authorized by the driver to change seats
  • Remain seated at all times -- facing forward with legs and feet clear of the aisle area and with feet on the floor
  • Keep head and arms inside the bus when the windows are open
  • Be absolutely quiet when approaching and while stopped at a railway crossing
  • Provide the driver with your correct name when asked

Do Not: 

  • Push or shove enroute to your seat
  • Throw paper or any other projectile
  • Mark, cut and/or deface seats
  • Bring skis and poles on the bus

All Students Must Not:

  • Push, shove, or hit one another
  • Smoke or Vape
  • Light lighters, matches, or firecrackers
  • Swear
  • Fight
  • Be excessively loud
  • Refuse to share a seat


Riding the School Bus

All of our drivers undergo a rigorous training program including both classroom and practical Driver Training. Drivers are taught to deal with a variety of student situations and driving scenarios. They are trained to show the same respect to their students as they expect themselves.


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If you have additional questions or require further details, please call the district's Transportation Department at (604) 855-5278 or send us an email.