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Accessibility in Abbotsford Schools

In accordance with the Accessible British Columbia Act, the Abbotsford School District has formed an Accessibility Advisory Committee, effective June 2023 and throughout the 2023-24 school year. The role of the committee will be to advise the school district in its development of an accessibility plan that includes identifying, preventing, and removing barriers to accessibility that people with disabilities face within the school district.  

At the Abbotsford School District, we want to learn about specific barriers that people face when they're trying to: 

  • Access a school program, building, or school information 
  • Receive a service or support. 

Your responses to the questions below will be reviewed by the Abbotsford School District Accessibility Advisory Committee for their consideration. This information can be submitted anonymously, or you can provide your contact details at the bottom of the form if you wish to be contacted. 

  1. Please provide the date the barrier was experienced. 
  2. Please indicate the specific location the barrier was experienced. 
  3. What were you or someone you know trying to access? 
  4. Accessibility barrier details. [Be as specific as possible]. 
  5. Do you have any recommendations for what would make it better?
  6. Please provide your name, e-mail or phone number if you would like to be contacted. (Optional)

Thank you for providing your valuable feedback! You will be contacted shortly if you have provided your contact details. 

Report an Accessibility Barrier Read Our Accessibility Plan