ABC Recognition Program awards 2021-22 recipients

March 14, 2023

The Abbotsford School District is thrilled to announce the ABC (Above and Beyond Champions) Recognition Program recipients from the 2021-22 school year, celebrating outstanding individuals who have significantly contributed to strategic goals, organizational values and the culture of the school district. Recipients were celebrated alongside their colleagues and peers at the Long-Term Service Dinner on March 1, 2023 at the Clarion Hotel.

The ABC (Above and Beyond Champions) Recognition Program was established by the Human Resources Department in 2021 to support the work of the school district's strategic plan pillar - Progressive Workforce. Seeking to promote an engaged and motivated organizational culture that encourages and recognizes employees, the awards program demonstrates dedication and innovation to support strategic goals and fundamental organizational values: Respect, Trust, Integrity, Community, and Teamwork.   
Throughout the spring of 2022, peers and leaders from across the district were invited to submit nominations online, with a total of 36 nominations being received during the first year. Nominations were collected in four key categories: Continuous Improvement/Innovation, Supporting Student Success, Leadership Excellence and Team Achievement. After carefully considering the nominees, the ABC Recognition Committee - an 8-person group of teaching, support and exempt employees - selected four individuals who demonstrated remarkable achievements and leadership in their respective roles. 

The 2021-22 ABC Recognition Program Award Recipients are:

Belinda Brown - Supporting Student Success

Belinda is a Student Information Assistant at the Bakerview Centre for Learning, Belinda Brown responds to many records requests. Always asking "why," Belinda's approach to requests ensures they are accurate, complete, and timely. Most importantly, Belinda genuinely cares about supporting student success. This is evident by her "can do," friendly and pleasant attitude. Belinda is always willing to place the students she supports first and foremost. 

Carissa Chapman - Leadership Excellence

Carissa is a Grade 6 Teacher at Colleen & Gordie Howe Middle School. She is a known leader of events, programs, and projects within the school. Carissa is an innovator and early adopter. While her leadership is often quiet, it significantly impacts the school. Through her leadership, Carissa ensures students feel seen and valued; and have safe and supportive spaces to contribute to their school. 

Sabrina Robertson - Continuous Improvement & Innovation

Sabrina is an Education Assistant at the Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts – North Poplar Campus. Her commitment and dedication to students are brought to life through the school's food program. She is directly involved in organizing and preparing student breakfasts and snacks. This program exemplifies how continuous improvement and innovation within our schools can positively impact students' lives, who can now approach learning with focused minds.

Mercedes Sargent - Supporting Student Success

Mercedes is a Music Teacher at Yale Secondary School. During her tenure at the school, she has created many music programs. Mercedes provides a warm welcome to all students who wish to participate in choir. She has created a culture of inclusion and provides students with a sense of belonging, purpose, and value. She has demonstrated a deep commitment to supporting student success through her music programs, and many students attribute their personal growth and development because of her influence. 

2021-22 nominees also included: Alanna Kemp, Alicia Tessarolo, Ashleigh Wighton, Bonnie Mackenzie, Bridgette Clarke, Bryon Carpenter, Cameron Friesen, Darlene MacDonald, Debbie Beisiegel, Dorothy Funk, Janal Macdonald, Jas Biring, Jennifer Baerg, Jennifer Romano, Jodi Coleman, Julie Wilms, Kirsten Skotnisky, Kris Sward, Kristen Cobb, Leah Savage, Leanne Sonoda, Loraleigh Epp, Michelle Gallagher, Rebecca Kandal, Rhonda JantzKrahn, Sabrina Robertson, Seet Gill, Shanon Ducharme, Shelby Patrick, Tambra Boerma-Henderson, and Veena Arora.

The next round of nominations is set to open in early spring 2023.