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News: Saturday, September 30th, 2017

Orange Shirt Day at Mill Lake

On Sept 29, over 1000 students from Abbotsford School District arrived at Mill Lake.  The orange clad students followed the powerful voices of our drummers around the lake to the Art Gallery to observe the raising of a House Post created by Raphael Silver.  The Elders have told us this was an important day.  "This tribute to our people today is awesome.  It is a special mark in indigenous history.  The teachers accept, acknowledge and respect our history.  It helps everyone heal from the dark parts of Canada's history.  Today I remember with healing tears," Beatrice Silver.  Orange Shirt Day recognizes the many Aboriginal children that attended residential school in Canada, those who survived and those that died there as well as all who are negatively effected by these experiences.  We walk for our Elders, our ancestors and our children. EVERY CHILD MATTERS