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Blog: Thursday, January 18th, 2018

3 Crows Productions Informing Truth

3 Crows Productions shared their message at all of our secondary schools in the Abbotsford School District.   As well, they presented at the Walking Forward Together: Aboriginal Education Conference in spring and fall 2017.  Cyril Pierre and Joseph Ginger’s Our Story is powerful, deeply sad but the truth, and yet leaves the audience with immense respect and admiration for their resiliency, graciousness and a tremendous sense of hope for the future.  The Elders are skilled at adjusting their message for developmental appropriateness for their audience.  The presentation called Qwalena is unique, intriguing and an amazing catalyst for important thinking and understanding.  I think of it as a discrepant event that challenges misconceptions and assumptions.  The presentation leaves the audience critically thinking about what they once thought they knew, and to face a new truth, a new reality and a truer understanding about Aboriginal people.  The story of Qwalena draws the audience in and evokes a sense of wonder and surprise.  This story sets the stage as Dallas Yellowfly leads students and staff through important conversations about the Indian Act, residential schools, stereotypes and myths and the impact of all on Aboriginal people.  The audience experiences a range of emotions in this presentation and evokes conversations and thinking that truly changes people, in a good way.  I highly recommend this presentation for senior secondary students and adult audiences.  Dallas Yellowfly’s work is incredibly creative, important and will evoke conversations that will lead to positive change in our schools and communities.  Our gratitude to the Elders Cyril and Joe and to Dallas for their work and sharing their important messages.