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News: Friday, April 14th, 2017

Board News for April 2017

Below are highlights from the last Board meeting for the Abbotsford School District.

The Passing of George Ferguson

The Board of Education acknowledged with sadness the passing of Mayor George Ferguson, a longtime dignitary and community member of the Fraser Valley. The Board recognized Mr. Ferguson’s tremendous service to the community and public education over many years.

Art Activism at Robert Bateman Secondary

For Canada's 150th anniversary, students at Robert Bateman Secondary are creating an art exhibition through the school’s “Art Activism” class, celebrating the importance of immigration and cultural diversity in Canada.

Students discussed the many aspects of their art exhibition at the April 13th Board meeting.  More impressively, the ultimate goal of their exhibition is to auction off the large scale artwork and fundraise a $15,000 scholarship for a local refugee student to attend post-secondary education.

The artwork will be on display at the Kariton Art Gallery from May 28th to July 4th, with a special exhibit rotation taking place at High Street Shopping Centre on June 3rd.

Learn more on their Facebook Page »

Modern Languages continues to grow across the district

Language learning continues to be an important part of the educational experience for students in our district. The numbers of students enrolling in language programs in the district continues to grow, said Duncan Hazelwood, the district’s Modern Languages Helping Teacher at the April 11th Board meeting.

The district currently supports students studying the following modern languages:

  • French (Core/Late Immersion) - 1375 students in Grades K-12;
  • Punjabi - 458 students in Grades 5-12;
  • Japanese - 154 students in 6 classes, Grades 9-11;
  • Spanish; and
  • German.

While the interest in other languages has grown over the year, the French Immersion program has faced a few challenges, including a shortage of qualified teachers. Moving forward, the French Immersion program will focus on improving the quality of instruction in the program, providing students and staff with cultural experiences, improving resources of the French Immersion and Core French programs, and facilitating a recruitment plan for additional French Immersion teachers.

Student Learning Grant aids district’s early learning goals

The Ministry of Education recently announced the Student Learning Grant allotments. The Board of Education is pleased with this announcement, particularly as it relates to the district’s early learning goals. This one-time funding is intended for learning resources, supplies, and equipment to help ensure that classrooms are well-resourced through the implementation of the re-designed curriculum and other school related learning innovations.

The total funding provided to our district is $991,000 which has been allocated to schools as follows

  • $15,000 per elementary school plus $21.91 per student
  • $10,000 per middle school plus $21.91 per student
  • $5,000 per secondary school plus $21.91 per student

Principals are required to consult with PACs on the use of the funds, which must be expensed by June 2017. Any unspent funding can be carried over to the 2017/18 school year. The district is required to track how this funding is being utilized and must report by July 31, 2017 to the Ministry and District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) on the use of funds.